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The Eden Project is a vast china clay pit which has been transformed into a series of climate zones from tropical rainforest to mediterranean vineyards. In the unlikely event that you wish to pretend that you've been to Bali, Barbados, Barcelona or some other far flung place then you can quite easily astound people with your photos of the Eden Project and pretend you've been on an odyssy where you've encountered all manner of mythical creatures.


The Eden Project should really be one of your first ports of call when you visit Cornwall for two reasons;


a) your admission fee can be gifted to the Eden Project if you pay tax in return for which you will get a one year pass so you may visit Eden free of charge for a year, and if you're here for a fortnight it's an excellent place to go if the weather acts up, which if we're honest it might! 


b) There simply isn't enough time in one day to fully appreciate everything there is to see at Eden.


Click above to go to the Eden website

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