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Some Key Points

I am not a professional photographer as you will no doubt be able to tell from my videos. I don't aspire to film or recording studio standards, though I do try to get the best footage I can using my Cannon sx 170 and a selfy stick because I am only 4' 10" tall.

My goal is to try to capture the atmosphere of a live performance, whatever the genre without intruding on the enjoyment of others. Consequently the video does wobble and shake from time to time.

I started out videoing some of the outstanding but less well known artists at the numerous festivals here in Cornwall.

My first big break came at the Millendreath Festival where the organisers had very kindly arranged a raised viewing platform for my son who is wheelchair bound, it looked not unlike a scaffold and when Fairport played Fotheringhay I felt a lot like Mary, Queen of Scots before her execution. However I did get some excellent footage of the performance and when I discovered that Myths and Hero's had got over 500 views on YouTube I was in transports of delight!

I don't make my video's for profit and of course all credit must go to the artists whose performances I record.

I do have a couple of charities which I support myself and if you enjoy the videos maybe you'd like to donate to one of them, links on the left.

Paul Rodgers Free Spirit tour in particular aimed to promote the charity so if you enjoy that footage check out their website.

Love You So
SMyths and Heros,
Fairport Convention
Small HeadingTravellin' in Style

You can find info on some of this years Cornish festivals plus footage from previous events by clicking on Festivals 2017 below

Stay With Me, Baby
(not my footage)
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