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This is my new blog page which I am hoping to update most days with random nuggets of news, stuff and nonsense! Generally speaking I don't tend to have a clue how many, or indeed if anybody visits my site or reads said stuff and nonsense but whoever you are you're very welcome!

I don't have the analytics enabled and I am not tracking your movements. you don't have to tick any boxes or like my page though I hope you will enjoy it! If you want to get in touch, post a comment, or a correction because on very rare occassions I have been known to be wrong and always appreciate being put straight please go to






I finally came out of hibernation last weekend to attend the new Mini Countryman launch at Ocean Mini in Paignton, thanks to Harriet for the invite.

We are currently on our second Countryman thanks to Daniel Welch at Ocean who has consistently gone beyond the call of duty in organising our Motability vehicle. 

The Countryman is the perfect car for Cornwall, tackling hairpin bends, clifftops and dirt tracks in all weathers. Not only that but on the long haul up north it averages 50+ to the gallon!

Apparently the new model comes with SatNav as standard though I guarantee you will pass at least one sign asking you to turn SatNav off because diversions are in place; the low road to Looe is currently closed and the A38 is closed from Trago at Two Watersfoot. Luckily the diversions take you down some very pretty routes, though the roads are  narrow so proceed with caution.

You can find out more about the Mini Countryman by visiting the Ocean website at 

or call in and see it at their showroom in Paignton where they serve excellent coffee!

Cornwall is excellent for classic car enthusiasts partly because people seem to keep their cars running for far longer than elsewhere so that it's not unusual to find yourself re-fuelling next to a Lagonda at the petrol station, as Mal once did!

There are numerous classic car shows throughout the year and Truro classic car club stage  hill climbs from March to October which are well worth attending to get a taste of what motorsports were like in olden times.

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