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Happy New Year, Happy St Bridgets Day, St Pirans Day, St Patricks Day, Easter and any other festivals which I've managed to ignore since my last update! 

I have been busy working on Kingdom of Stone which is now almost complete. In between actually writing I've been reading up on how to write a best seller, and more importantly how to sell a million copies of said best seller.

Everybody seems to be agreed that social media is vital, unfortunately I only have 15 friends on Facebook and I don't think any of them is wealthy enough to buy 1 million copies of my bestseller.

I'm not on Twatter because it would just be one password too many for the security department of my brain.

I do have quite a successful Youtube channel but I can't claim much credit for it because all I do is upload other, more talented people's work.

The truth of the matter is I am useless at networking but until I sell the first million I can't afford anyone better than myself.

So if you'd like to learn more about Kingdom of Stone and follow my journey up the best sellers chart pop back here from time to time.

PS Normal trivia has been suspended for the moment but feel free to browse 



Wherever you are in Cornwall you're never more than 25 miles from the sea! Below is a selection of some of the beautiful beaches to visit during your stay.

Trebarwith Strand
Rame Head
St Michaels Chapel, Rame Head
Seaton at Sunset
Downderry at Low Tide
Whitsand Bay
Sunset at Fennygook
Fennygook Strand
Moonrise at Portwrinkle
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